How brass fasteners or inserts can be used with 3D printed parts?

Brass fasteners or inserts are considered one of the most important requirements for different plastic parts. The torque of brass screws and nuts must be sufficient for better assembly of joints and their loosening. The situation gets more complicated when you have to install brass fasteners multiple times.

Here brass threaded inserts just work amazingly where metal parts are not susceptible for damage or plague. They can be assembled or disassembled whenever required. The brass inserts with larger diameter has remarkable holding strength. Let us have a quick look some of the assured benefits and cons of brass components like brass threaded inserts and how they can help you.

brass inserts

Pros of brass threaded inserts India

  • They can be installed quickly than any other similar component.
  • The installation costs are also very low.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are considered stronger than tapped holes.
  • Can be assembled or disassembled quickly whenever required.
  • Amazing torque resistivity.

Cons of brass threaded inserts India

  • They are slightly expensive than tapped holes
  • There are needed more materials to hold inserts
  • Slightly heavy and good conductivity (conductivity may be pro or con both)

Brass products have more strength than any other plastic part that makes them suitable for 3D printed parts. As we know 3D printed parts have grained structure and they don’t get melted down quickly than casted or molded plastics. In this way, brass components have become more than ideal for 3D printed parts. You could also apply proper force over brass components that prove their strength and durability.

If we talk about inserts then their grain structure is denser and most suitable brass product for 3D projects. They are certainly smart choice that makes them pretty much suitable for different projects. They can also be used to manufacture 3D printed tools in budget with shorter production cycles.

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