Brass cable glands for cable connectors from leading exporters in India

Cable glands were especially designed with the purpose to allow entry of cables inside electrical appliance that offers sealing, retention, bonding, insulation, grounding etc. The other name is cable connectors that can be availed from manufacturing store and used to maintain integrity of enclosures. In this blog, we will discuss on some of the popular types of cable glands like brass indoor glands, brass outdoor glands, brass straightening cable glands, brass fasteners, Brass insulated glands etc

Brass cable glands

Brass Indoor Gland
Indoor cable glands are largely handy and suitable to use with different type of cables while brass cable glands are good for armored, rubberized or plastic cables only.

Brass Outdoor Glands
The outdoor cable glands are prepared with stunning quality materials that can be attached with different sheathed or unsheathed cables. This is a single wire cable with earthing or grounding properties.

According to brass cable glands exporters, they can be installed quickly and no loose part that can cause any problem later. This can also be installed in dry conditions to save time, money and efforts.

Brass Straightening Glands
These are most natural and popular brass cable glands available with sheathed or unarmored cables. The accessories required for these types of cables are PVC washer, Earth tag, brass lock nuts, rubber neo primer etc. They are suitable for different projects and industry applications too.

Brass insulated Connector
AS the name suggest, they are weather proof connectors that are good to installed in harsh environmental conditions. They are largely suitable for outdoor applications and they can be supplied with integral earth facility and separate armor rings.

This is up to you to choose the right cable connector as per your needs and industry requirements. You can also take suggestions from brass cable glands exporters India to get real idea in cable connectors which one is best for you business application. If you are not satisfied, it is always better to get customized solutions in your budget. Custom solutions always worth more than regular ones and they are easily available with leading suppliers and manufacturers across India.


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